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From Connections to Insights

  • Do you find Power BI Desktop’s interface overwhelming?
  • Do you have difficulty connecting data from different sources like SQL, Excel, and CSVs for unified analytics?
  • Do you struggle to quickly clean and shape messy, unstructured data for streamlined analysis?
  • Are you unsure which data connectors work to link your data sources to Power BI?
  • Do you spend too much time manually updating re-published reports as data refreshes?
  • Does visual clutter and information overload make interpreting reports tricky?
  • Are you unable to collaborate with others on building reports in the cloud?

If so, then the Microsoft Power BI Desktop Essentials course will help you.




This course is for business professionals with some data skills who want a comprehensive hands-on introduction to using Power BI Desktop for data analysis and reporting. Participants should have at least intermediate Excel skills and basic data/analysis skills

Format ​

  • 1 day, instructor-led web-based virtual classroom sessions

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

Learn how to use Power BI Desktop to connect to data, create visualisations, query the data and publish reports. This course is designed to introduce users to report generation and updating and sharing of existing Power BI reports.

This course will help you:

  • Connect to data from a variety of sources like CSV, Excel, databases
  • Transform and clean data to prepare it for analysis
  • Create interactive data visualizations and reports
  • Build relationships between separate data tables
  • Publish reports online and share dashboards with others.
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What you will learn

Data Connectivity & Preparation

Import, transform, clean, and connect data from a wide variety of sources to create consolidated datasets for reporting

Custom Modelling

Develop customized data models and metrics to enable in-depth analysis tailored to business needs

Compelling Visualizations

Design visually rich, interactive reports with advanced visualizations to reveal key data insights and trends

Managed Sharing

Publish polished dashboards and distribute reports broadly, maintaining security and access controls to the underlying data

Detailed Synopsis

Upon completing this course, you will have a strong foundation for using Power BI Desktop’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities to generate impactful business insights.

Getting Started with Power BI

  • An Introduction to Power BI
  • Working with Power BI Desktop Files
  • Connecting to Data Sources with Power BI Desktop
  • Creating a Report with Visualisations
  • Doing More with Visualisations

Working with Data examples

  • Exercise 1 – Importing data from CSV files.
  • Exercise 2 – Using multiple datasets imported from Excel
  • Exercise 3 – Automatically updating data from files in a Folder
  • Exercise 4 – Un-pivoting Data using Power Query

Relational Databases and Power BI

  • Creating Data Tables in Power BI from Excel
  • Creating Lookup Tables
  • Creating and Managing Relationships between Tables
  • Creating Visuals based on Linked Data

Introduction to Data Analysis Expressions – DAX

  • The concept of DAX
  • Creating new columns
  • Creating quick and New Measures

A Closer Look at Visualizations

  • Matrixes, Tables, and Charts
  • Maps
  • Cards, Gauges, and KPIs
  • Slicers

Introduction to the Power BI Online Services

  • Getting Started in Power BI Online
  • Publishing reports to Power BI Online
  • Web View and Phone View
  • Creating a Dashboard and Sharing the Dashboard

This technical training course is made available to you through our strategic partnership with “Professional Training Solutions Limited”. Thanks to this partnership we can deliver top-notch technical training for both beginners and experts.

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