55 Offices Globally

Priority Management is a Canadian company founded in 1980. Our network spans across 55 offices around the world working with many of the fortune 100 companies as well as public sector organizations.

Over our years in business, we’ve built long-standing relationships with people from all kinds of industries and businesses. We’ve witnessed immense change in the corporate landscape and in workplace culture.

Today, we’re trusted by some of the largest public and private sector organisations. We believe that trust stems largely from of our practical, flexible and empathetic approach, as well as the ongoing support we offer to each of our course graduates.

How Our Training Works


Our training programmes use practical processes to apply world-class best practices with a high proportion of hands-on learning. We can follow-up with individual coaching to customise and assist implementation.


Training sessions are customised specifically for each organisation’s environment, culture and specific requirements.

Return of Investment

The immediate result for our clients is shown in employee ability to deliver more on time, have greater control of work and manage time more effectively.

Lifetime Commitment

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Some of the Leading Companies and Organisations that have Benefitted from our Training


A Better Way to Work

Offices across the globe helping reduce the level of effort it takes for our clients to reach their goals and objectives. Creating extraordinary workers, communicators, and collaborators driven by results, through international best practices and tools. To become a Productivity Partner for our clients by delivering superior quality training solutions that:

  • Participants recommend to family, friends and colleagues ​
  • Managers prefer for their staff
  • Purchasers select for their clients
  • Employees are proud of and
  • Stakeholders seek out for long-term returns

We Pride Ourselves


Years in Operation


Total Course Participants


Mins Saved each Day

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