Level 1: Foundation

Ramp up your Excel skills rapidly

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated trying to use Excel because you don’t know where to start?
  • Have you ever created an Excel sheet but struggled with properly entering and organizing the data?
  • Does trying to write Excel formulas make your head spin?
  • Do you waste time hunting for data buried deep inside endless spreadsheets?
  • Are you embarrassed to share your Excel documents because of messy, unreadable formatting?
  • Have you avoided printing Excel sheets out of fear they won’t look right on paper?
  • Do you miss shortcuts and commands that would help you use Excel more efficiently?
  • Does Excel feel clunky or rigid because you can’t customize settings and options?
  • Is trying to self-teach Excel through videos or books moving too slowly for your needs?
  • Is your lack of Excel knowledge holding back your productivity and confidence?

If so, then the Excel Level 1: Foundation course will help you.




This course is best suited for beginner or novice users, or those with limited time to develop efficient foundational Excel skills from the ground up.

Format ​

  • 2 x 4-hour, instructor-led online sessions
  • Public workshops are available for all our Excel courses.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual
  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

The Fast Track to Excel Excellence

Learn how to prepare and present spreadsheets systematically and professionally and to rapidly build visually-appealing outputs for printing or publishing.

This course will help you:

  • Create Spreadsheets – Learn how to make new Excel workbooks, enter data, and navigate cells.
  • Use Formulas – Insert basic formulas and functions like SUM and AVERAGE.
  • Format Worksheets – Apply formatting like fonts, colours, borders to customize your spreadsheets.
  • Organize Data – Sort and filter data in your worksheets to find what you need.
  • Print Clearly – Set up print areas and titles and prepare your files for printing properly.
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What You Will Learn

Create Spreadsheets

Understand the Excel interface and components to create basic worksheets, input data into cells, and navigate workbooks.

Enhance Worksheet Presentation

Format workbook text, cells, rows, columns, and tabs for a clear and professional look.

Use Formulas & Functions

Build formulas with math operators, and utilize essential functions like SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT to calculate data.

Refine Printing

Prepare sheets for printing or turning into PDF by defining page layout, title, layout, view, and other print options.

Detailed Synopsis

Upon completing this course, you will be able to create, populate, calculate, format, spellcheck, print and customize basic spreadsheets to leverage Excel functionality for personal or professional projects.

Unit 1 Getting Started:

  • Identify the elements of the Excel interface
  • Create a basic worksheet
  • Use the help system.

Unit 2 Working with Data:

  • Using formulas and functions in a worksheet
  • Working with data
  • Rows, and columns
  • How to sort and filter data.

Unit 3 Modifying a Worksheet:

  • Format text and cells
  • Align cell contents
  • Use Find & Select tools
  • Spell check a worksheet

Unit 4 Printing Workbook Contents:

  • Define the basic page layout for a workbook
  • Refine the page layout
  • Apply print options.

Unit 5 Managing Large Workbooks: You will learn how to:

  • Format worksheet tabs
  • Manage worksheets
  • Manage the view of worksheets and

Unit 6 Customising the Excel Environment:

  • Customise general, language, formula, proofing, and saving options
  • Use Excel’s version control features
  • Customise the ribbon and the Quick Access toolbar
  • Enable add-ins and
  • Customise advanced and Trust Center options