Introduction to Financial Modelling and Analysis with


Critical Excel modelling and analysis skills that can inform business strategy and planning

  • Do you struggle to accurately link and integrate your different financial statements in Excel for a complete picture?
  • Are your Excel models prone to frustrating errors you can’t seem to troubleshoot or control?
  • Can you efficiently handle complex scenario planning and sensitivity analysis in your Excel financial models?
  • Are you unable to glean helpful insights from your Excel models for data-driven decision making and planning?
  • Is creating easy-to-understand Executive reports and dashboards from Excel more difficult than it should be?
  • Do you lack a streamlined Excel forecasting/modelling methodology that’s scalable?

If so, then the Introduction to Financial Modelling and Analysis with Excel course will help you.




This course is for business professionals with Level 2 – intermediate Excel skills or equivalent who want to advance their financial analysis abilities, particularly those in financial planning, business partnering, or related fields.

Format ​

  • 1 day, instructor-led web-based virtual classroom sessions

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual
  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Master Financial Modelling - Build models from scratch and generate key insights

Learn how to use relevant Excel tools (such as Lookups, macros, and range names) to create financial models and then use of this model to produce summary reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This course will help you:

  • Build financial models from scratch in Excel
  • Create integrated Excel models connecting the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Generate key reports and KPIs from your models
  • Run scenario analysis using Excel’s Scenario Manager and Pivot Tables
  • Advance your Excel skills to get more value in financial analysis and planning roles.
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What you will learn

Build Integrated Models

Construct financial models from scratch in Excel by linking income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections to provide an integrated view of business performance.

Generate Analysis and Insights

Produce summaries, KPIs, reports and visualizations that generate valuable insights to drive planning and decisions based on the integrated models.

Conduct Scenario Testing

Stress test the financial models and assumptions using Excel’s Scenario Manager to analyse different versions and inform business strategy.

Advance Excel Skills

Significantly improve Excel skills and techniques specifically related to business analyses like financial modelling, planning, forecasting and valuation.

Detailed Synopsis

Upon completing this course, you will have the skills to build robust and integrated financial models in Excel from scratch, using best practices in structure, formulas, and layout to create error-free models.

Model Fundamentals

  • Model Design and Pitfalls
  • Key variables and rules
  • End result of the model
  • The layout in designing an error-free financial models

Building the Model

  • Sales
  • Cost of Sales
  • Payroll
  • Overheads
  • Fixed Assets
  • Working Capital

Model Outputs

  • Full master model available for download
  • Key report generation ( P & L, balance sheet, cash flow) from linked sheets.
  • Compilation of operational KPIs including graphical representation where appropriate.
  • Key reporting dashboard.

Scenario Testing

  • The use of Scenario Manager
  • Scenario reporting from model built per above.
  • Adding, editing and deleting scenarios;
  • Scenario reporting via Pivot Tables and worksheets.

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