Time Management Training Courses

Save up to 54 minutes a day with our proven time management training methods.

  • Are you buried in an avalanche of emails?
  • Do you feel out of control and overwhelmed at work?
  • Do you have thousands of unread emails dragging you down?
  • Are you missing deadlines because you can’t focus on key tasks?
  • Do you have a never-ending to-do list?
  • Do you have constant interruptions killing your productivity?

Our WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Outlook course may save your day!

  • Is your team communicating effectively to get projects done on time?
  • Can’t find important documents when you need them?
  • Ineffective meetings eating up your day?
  • Difficulty collaborating across multiple team tools?
  • Silos between teams causing productivity issues?
  • Want to raise team engagement and maturity level?

Our WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Teams course will lift your teamwork to new levels.

  • Looking to reduce email overload by centralising in OneNote?
  • Struggle to find information easily and don’t have standard procedures?
  • Have a disorganised mess instead of organised digital notebooks?
  • Want to use OneNote for managing shared project plans and status?
  • Unable to track task assignments and deadlines in OneNote?
  • Unsure how best to structure OneNote for efficiency?

Our WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft OneNote course may get you and your team organised.

Our Courses

Take control of your workload and competing priorities

Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help you absorb proven techniques for a total time-management solution. Integrate communications, tasks, activities, planning and apply the WorkingSm@rt® method using Microsoft Outlook.


Effective teamwork, collaboration and communication

At some point, every team feels a disconnect in collaboration and communication, but if it’s a lot of the time, then you and your team need a road map to improve the process and get better results.


Make collaborating with your team as easy as 1-2-3

These days the secret to business success often lies in teams being able to work together without being together. With technology working for you, you and your team can find key project information in one place and collaborate in a way that’s flexible and effortless.


Get your meetings on time, on track, on purpose.

Learn not only how to plan, organize and run a successful meeting but also how to get the most out of the meetings you are required to attend. Immediate benefits are: a ‘business planning’ approach to meetings, increased meeting effectiveness, saving time, improved meeting outcomes.


Manage the complexities of multiple projects more efficiently

Carry out multiple project execution plans developed through the Project Planning Breakthroughs method accurately and effectively with MS Project using common resource pools and external dependencies.


Remote leadership essentials: keeping them engaged collaborative & productive

In this hybrid working model, many employees who normally work from an office are now working some of the time from home. This presents challenges to stay connected, engaged and productive.

These challenges are magnified for people leading remote teams since they can no longer rely on many of their proven face-to-face leadership techniques.


Maximizing productivity in a remote working world

Our World is changing. Success in a remote working environment requires individuals to use a shared set of communication, collaboration and planning processes and tools that are far more refined and defined than in a non-virtual workspace.


Data-Driven Solutions – Data-Informed Decisions

In today’s competitive market, the ability to organise and interpret data contributes to better business results. Our Microsoft Excel courses teach the skills, resources, and tools required to harness the power of this essential business software. Learn how to make spreadsheets, organise data, create charts and more with our full range of Excel training options.


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