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I have completed the WorkingSm@rt with Outlook, WorkingSm@rt with OneNote and most recently the WorkingSm@rt with Teams. As advertised, the training is not as much about learning software as much as it is about using the software to reduce time wastage. Sure, there are is plenty of “how-to” hands on work with the software packages, but the emphasis is rightly placed upon using the software to help better organize and defend against the digital deluge. Whether that is the applying the principles of delegate, delay, delete or dealing with emails, or how to organize your team to use the platforms to their full potential, the training offered was exceptional.

I adopted the principles of email management after I took my first course on WorkingSm@rt with Outlook almost a decade ago. At first, I was slow to adopt some practices, fearing I might miss something or forget something. Over time, I have come to adopt all the principles, to the extent that now I go home most days with an empty mailbox. I can’t tell you how much of a stress reliever that is to be able to do!