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The feedback from the teams I sent was overwhelmingly positive (to quote some “the most useful training they ever had”). The main fact is that with increasing stress and workloads the one area of work we continue to overlook is the use of one of the main tools of our job – Outlook. Every time I ask the question to team members, how would you feel if you went home with an empty inbox how would you feel, the answer is always the same – less stressed and in control. For me, Priority Management training is one of the main tools to achieve this.

I have been continually pushing this course internally as it is money well spent in creating a happier and more efficient workforce.

I am also now trying to introduce this into Germany where the abuse of Outlook (through email and calendar functions) creates massive workloads across the business and I feel that everyone would benefit.

It sounds like I should be on commission but even as a self confessed IT geek, I found many of the techniques given during the course essential – absolutely invaluable and delivered in a fun way.