Power Up Productivity: Take Word to the Max

  • Do you struggle to collaboratively edit documents due to version control headaches and not knowing who made what changes?

  • Do you wrestle with keeping document format consistent when multiple people edit collaboratively?

  • Do you fight to keep confidential document info private when engaging in cross-functional collaboration?

  • Do you battle to keep up with reviewing back-and-forth changes from multiple document contributors?

  • Do you wrestle with keeping complex research papers, long manuals, etc. organized through multiple drafts?

If so, then the Microsoft Office Word – Advanced course will help you.




This course is aimed at power users, collaborators, and document creators who already have intermediate skills with Word and need to unlock more complex functionality.

Format ​

  • 1 day, instructor-led web-based virtual classroom sessions

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
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Take your Word Skills to the Next Level and Boost Productivity

Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help power users leverage Microsoft Word to collaborate on documents and secure information.

This course will help you:

  • Learn to leverage Word’s collaboration features like co-authoring, comments, and document sharing to easily team up on docs
  • Secure your Word documents through restrictions, permissions, passwords and more
  • Create complex Word documents with references, footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, and master documents
  • Build forms, surveys, and questionnaires to collect data right inside Word
  • Take your Word skills to an expert level with training on outlines, indexes, tracking changes, and version control
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What you will learn

Collaboration Made Easy

Learn to leverage Word’s robust collaboration toolset – from co-authoring and version control to document sharing permissions – to streamline teamwork on docs.

Complex Document Mastery

Master techniques like outlines, indexes, table of contents, footnotes, and master documents to organize long or sophisticated Word documents with ease.

Security and Compliance

Lock down confidential information and track changes between versions with Word’s protection, restriction, and encryption features tailored for security-conscious departments.

Form Building Fundamentals

Quickly build custom questionnaires, intake forms, assessments and more with Word’s built-in form design tools – no database expertise required.

Detailed Synopsis

After completing this course, you will have mastered Word’s robust toolset for streamlining team collaboration on documents. From co-authoring capabilities to version control, you will learn workflows to help multiple people work together on docs.

Additionally, you will become adept at developing complex Word documents like research papers, manuals, or books. We will cover creating tables of contents, bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, and master documents to organize long form projects.

Finally, you will discover how to design custom forms and data collection instruments within Word itself. From questionnaires to intake documents, this course reveals built-in tools to craft interactive information-gathering docs tied directly to your Word files.

Manage Collaboration

  • Modify User Information
  • Share a Document
  • Work with Comments
  • Compare Document Changes
  • Review a Document
  • Merge Document Changes
  • Coauthor Documents

Automatic Navigations & References

  • Add Captions
  • Add Cross-References
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Add Citations
  • Insert a Bibliography
  • Insert Blank and Cover Pages
  • Insert an Index
  • Insert a Table of Contents

Manage Outlines and Master Documents

  • Manage Outlines
  • Create a Master Document
  • Creating Subdocuments

Manage Security & Confidentiality

  • Suppress Sensitive Information
  • Hidden Text
  • Remove Personal Information from a Document
  • The Document Inspector Dialog Box
  • Set Editing Restrictions
  • Add a Digital Signature to a Document
  • Restrict Document Access

Create & Manage Forms

  • Create Forms
  • Manipulate Forms
  • Form Data Conversion

Manage Document Versions

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Versioning
  • Versioning Settings
  • Major vs. Minor Versions
  • Accessing Documents Directly from a SharePoint Site
  • Begin Working with Document Versions
  • Compare Document Versions
  • Merge Document Versions

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