Priority Management Working Smart Programme

Our most popular priority time management training programme for Busy Executives is called

“Priority Management Working Smart Programme”.

The unique and powerful training programme is actually 4 courses in one workshop

  • Priority Workload Management Training

  • Priority Time Management Training

  • Priority Stress Management

  • Advanced MS Outlook skills training

  • plus our revolutionary 1-1 follow up coaching session with each attendee.

This successful programme has delivered savings of 62 mins per person per day or over 30 extra days per person per year to each attendee. See results page.

We have customised the “Priority Management Working Smart Programme”.

To meet the needs of senior management teams in many international companies. See some examples below.

We have developed a Senior Executive & Leadership Training Programme.

Oracle have included the Working Smart programme on the list of courses for the Oracle University.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals/Janssen Biologics, the Global Head of Large Molecules division has himself and all his directors in Ireland, Holland, USA and Puerto Rico trained on the programme and now all the rest of the management teams and extended management teams in are on the priority time management training programme.

J&J Treasury EMEA, customised the training to meet their needs and senior management teams completed the programme.

BMW Ireland staff trained and Sales Team in BMW UK trained.

This unique training programme is now the workload and time management training course of choice for many of our International Clients.

These a just a few examples where Priority Management have customised our core training programmes to the needs and requests of the client, with outstanding results.

Our certified trainers teach you how to gain control of your workload, stay focused on your priorities, and track multiple lines of communication. This encourages a proactive working environment and a significant improvement in work/life balance.


Priority Time Management Training Courses with Outlook

Working Smart with Microsoft OutlookMore Info visit Global Site

Sharpen your Outlook skill set to gain increased productivity and enhance your on-the-job performance.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with Outlook on a Mac

Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook MacMore Info visit Global Site

Utilise all the hidden functionality to get the most out of your day with Mac specific techniques and process that will get things done.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with Lotus Notes

Working Smart with Lotus NotesMore Info visit Global Site

Gain a deeper understanding of Lotus Notes and configure the main components to focus on priority tasks and needed information.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with Novell Groupwise

Working Smart with Novell GroupwiseMore Info visit Global Site

Take control of Novell GroupWise activities and information to enhance personal and team productivity.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with iPhone and iPad

Working Smart with iPhone and iPadMore Info visit Global Site

Maximise the benefits of having your communications at your fingertips and gain proven skills to turn your intentions into results.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with BlackBerry

Working Smart with BlackberryMore Info visit Global Site

Narrow the gap between your BlackBerry and office systems and gain instant access and total control.

Priority Time Management Training Courses with Google Apps

Working Smart with Google AppsMore Info visit Global Site

Take charge of your communications using Gmail and Google Apps and be more effective from day one with the priority time management training.




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