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Paul Kearns, Group Head of IT, Irish Life

“ Implementing the tips and living with the system has made my job feel a whole lot easier because I leave the place at the end of the day feeling that work is not on top of me and I believe I am more effective at my job in general“

Stefan Bedacht, Director Oracle

“I am more in control, I gained 1 hr per day and feel much better organized I recommend this training to other Managers.”

Sean A. O’Sullivan, Head of Corporate Services National Consumer Agency

“The training was excellent and the course content was superb. … I was very happy I did this course and am very, very happy with continuing benefits.

Ilaria  Arcari: Manager, Pfizer

“ Almost 2 months after the initial training I am still impressed how useful the system is  and how it has helped me save time everyday (at least 1 hour per day)

Anthony McCoy, Operations Manager, McAfee

“Possibly one of the best courses that I have ever attended and the impact on my day, my time and my work is immense.  … I have resumed my master’s degree with the additional time this course has provided me”

Amy Richards, IT Manager, CIE

“The main benefits for our team is the fact that time is money and in today’s climate we need to be aware of cutting costs. … the course on Priority Management has taught the team how to utilize their time and to prioritise work so that they can be as productive as possible which in turn benefits our customers and our business”.

Austin Keegan, ESB

“This course was one of the very few that gave me tangible results immediately and strategies I still use to prioritise my work”

Bryan O’Connor, Moog, Supply Chain Manager

“ I found the course to be very informative and refreshing. In a lot of cases you tend to do a course and forget about it by the time you return to work.  However with this course you are learning and implementing at the same time and the tools offer you basic skills to improve your working day. I found it to be incredibly beneficial.

Adrian Haythornthwaite, GM Sherry FitzGerald Haythornthwaite

“It was a very good course and put a lot of things into their proper perspective. I am finishing my days work with a clear head now and am addressing things in a more effective manner. I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who is busy and needs to get more done with their time.”

Breda Long, Manager, HSE

“I found the training really effectives both in learning new skills i.e. how to use outlook but also in terms of focusing me. I would strongly recommend this training especially to anyone undertaking projects or working single handed.”

Dominic Kavanagh, Project Management & IT Architect Manager, IBM

“The investment made in doing this course and subsequent organising of  my work has already paid off.”

Justin Kinnear,  IBM  Learning & Development Mgr

“The reaction to the programme has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the busiest people have experienced an immediate impact on their ability to manage their workload”

John Lynch , Plant Manager,  DePuy

“I’ve found the course very helpful and it has made a difference for me in terms of time management and my own self organisation”

Eoin White, Chemical Engineer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

“This has been the most beneficial & practical training that I have completed in 15yrs in the workplace”

Friedrich Neumann, IM System Support, Johnson & Johnson

“I think that this training would be of serious use to many people in the business, it can also improve their work/life balance”

Quotations South Dublin County Council

Martin Judge, Senior Executive Officer, South Dublin County Council

“ Improved the quality of my life, I am far more in control”

Willie Shiels, Senior Executive Officer, South Dublin County Council

“ The Working Sm@rt Course is the best course I have ever done, and is so simple and practical. I would recommend this course to anyone. ”

Michael Nugent, Director, BMW

“ Gives me back control of my time. I dictate my work and I can focus on the important work not just urgent“

Paul Murray, Director, BMW

“ The items I wasn’t getting to are now getting done. This is brilliant. It’s the way forward. Have reduced the number of hours worked at home as a result. ”

Sean Green, Vice President MINI Region Europe & Head of MINI Marketing Strategy and Planning, BMW

The feedback from the teams I sent was overwhelmingly positive (to quote some “the most useful training they ever had”).  The main fact is that with increasing stress and workloads the one area of work we continue to overlook is the use of one of the main tools of our job – Outlook.  Every time I ask the question to team members, how would you feel if you went home with an empty inbox how would you feel, the answer is always the same – less stressed and in control.  For me, Priority Management training is one of the main tools to achieve this.

I have been continually pushing this course internally as it is money well spent in creating a happier and more efficient workforce.

I found many of the hints and tips given during the course essential – absolutely invaluable and delivered in a fun way.




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