How do I book a Priority Management course?

Go to the home page, click on the location where you require the training, email us or a booking form can be filled in. Alternatively call one of our offices in Dublin, Glasgow or London, the numbers for each office is in the home page.

Do we provide public courses or training onsite?

We do both, we run public courses in all our locations monthly but the majority of all our work is done on an

How can you help me manage the ever rising tide of email?

Priority Management have extensive experience in helping people to manage their email. Processing emails quickly, dealing with similar emails in batches and speeding up email filing are part of the picture. We also use other Outlook functions to manage and retrieve emails and we can assist with developing your organisation

What results will I see?

You will get more done in a day; you will stay on top of priorities; you will improve the tracking or documents and information; you will enjoy better work / life balance; you will have higher rates of job satisfaction; you will feel permanently in control. In 2011 we evaluated the impact of our training on 7700 clients; the results were that on average everyone was making a productivity gain of 60 minutes per person per day. What would you do with an hour a day? It

What exactly do I get / how does Priority Management work?

We work with you over a period of time in a combination of Instructor led group training sessions with follow up personal coaching via webex. Pre and post programme assessment is undertaken and everyone receives a comprehensive Learning Guide. Working Sm@rt introduces you to a system of best practice processes which are implemented immediately by linking them to the tools you use every day

Can Priority Management train all our Global sites?

Yes we have offices in 15 countries around the world and have rolled out Global Training programmes to companies such as Cisco and HBOS.

Is Priority Management training certified?

Yes we are Global Education providers for the PMI, Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org) , and all our courses have the appropriate PDUs, Professional Development Units assigned on successful completion of our training courses.

How can I get a quote?

Call one of our offices (Dublin,

Who are your clients?

We have worked with a very wide range of clients across the private and public sectors. Working Sm@rt is aimed at business leaders, senior and junior managers and busy individuals who need to set standards of best management practice within their organisations and who may be struggling under hefty workloads. Have a look under Our Clients tab.

I have done time management before but nothing really sticks

Traditional time management principles are solid but they never seem to translate into a practical method which you can use on a daily basis. Priority Management has done extensive research into best practice behaviours and the impact IT has had on the workplace today. This research was led by the renowned Dr Peter Honey and all resulted in the designing of our very specific, tried and tested

Can I get a recommendation?

Of course! We have worked with a very wide range of different teams and individuals. Our clients are happy to talk to others.

See the typical type of quote we get from clients who have completed our Priority & Time Training programmes:-

Sean Green

How does this compare to Dave Allen

The difference with the Priority Management Training is that we but the theory of the above 2 programmes into practice with simple and easy to use techniques linked to your technology ( outlook, lotus notes, groupwise etc), to make your life easier and you more efficient.

Is Working Sm@rt all about Outlook or Lotus Notes?

Working Sm@rt is a full time planning process which starts with ourselves. No IT system will do that for you without your understanding of all the best practices involved in strong decision making, planning tasks and projects, thinking ahead and managing expectations, communicating effectively with staff and colleagues. By marrying the best practices with practical application (by exploiting how you use outlook / lotus notes) Priority Management ensures that this programme delivers sustainable behaviour change and improved performance.

Our unique processes linked with

What research has been done?

Priority Management have a continuous research programmes to identify changes in working practices that affect productivity. We also have a technical team based in Vancouver who keep abreast of the leading desktop packages and handheld organisers and update the procedures in our Learning Guides.

According to the Radicati Group , The average Corporate receives and sends over 140 emails per day, that is a staggering 4 hours just reacting to this channel, which means you need to be using your time effectively or you will continue to waste large amounts of your day.

According to research by The University of California-Irvine ( UCI) and the US Army, they

How does this fit with the future of modern working?

Working Sm@rt techniques enable people to be organisationally self-sufficient to handle all their work wherever they are, to suit remote working, hot desking and travelling. With the average corporate worker receiving and sending

Do you do other training programmes?

Yes we have Project Management Training, Sales and Negotiating Training as well as all our Workload and Priority Management Training, including Working Smart with iPad/iPhone, Working Smart with Blackberry, Working Smart in Meetings. See Training tab for more details or contact Dermot Rice or Laura O’Neill from our Sales team at +353 1 835 9946.





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