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Working Smart 365 – Achieve more in 2017

Working Smart 365 – Achieve more in 2017

At the start of the new year it is useful to take some time to evaluate and prioritise and plan so as to achieve more in 2017.

In today’s ‘Learning Link’ Daniel Stamp outlines some methods to help with this process an methods to keep them in the forefront of our minds throughout the year.  Read more HERE

To all our customers and friends we wish you a prosperous 2016.


Published Date: 5th January 2016
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Priority Management Article on the MBA Website

For all senior executives struggling with busy schedules, more work than time available and ever expanding InBox, our article on the MBA Association website

“Taking Back Time” will help you.

If you want  to help busy managers and staff Increase their Productive Time, Reduce Stress and achieve ZERO emails in the Inbox come to one of our public classes in Dublin  ( May 21st or June 17th ) click here

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Published Date: 30th April 2015
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Turn Decisions into Actions.

Here is some great advice from Dr Peter Drucker on how you turn decisions into actions.

click here

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Published Date: 27th April 2015
Category: Time Management Training



Multi-Tasking just doesn’t work!

Here is a great article by Tony Schwartz describing why Multi-Tasking doesn’t work , how much time we are loosing and some simple ways to keep on track and on topic.

see full article here

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Published Date: 20th April 2015
Category: Time Management Training



Time Management Training Courses

Time Management Training with International training experts Priority Management Training. classes held in Dublin City Centre every month ( see course schedule) and we specialise in dedicated training for companies.


If you are suffering from more work than time, too many emails in the inbox, inability to find information when you need it and coming home later and later, stressed, we can help.

Find out why companies such as Oracle, Coca Cola, Citibank, J&J, Pfizer, ESB, Board Gais, Irish Life and Many more need our unique services.


Published Date: 13th January 2014
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Simple techniques to get back in Control of your day.

We all complain about the never ending deluge of emails, but we all continue to live in the INBOX. In order for you to get back some control of your day and stop “Reacting” to every email that arrives in your inbox, you need to start using your calendar screen in your groupware system ( Outlook, Lotus Notes, Groupwise) as your default screen.

This screen allows you to see your time available, if set up correctly you can also see the tasks you planned to do and your capacity to deliver work or not.

Always start your system up in your calendar screen.

These may seem like very simple methods, but our clients are often surprised at just how effective this simple technique is in helping to cut out interruptions throughout the day. A solid and robust attitude to your inbox, if practiced diligently can help gain back control of your day.

For more information regarding Time Management Training courses , how to get back in control of your day and save over 1 hour per day, in Dublin and Ireland, or our internationally successful training programmes “Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook” , Working Smart with Lotus Notes , Working Smart with IPAD or Working Smart with Blackberry , contact us for further details and dated of the next course. These courses are specifically designed to help you get the most from your technology and have been refined and improved over the years through our own experience as well as feedback from the thousands of busy managers and executives who have attended our training throughout the world.

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Published Date: 23rd July 2013
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Amazing Time Management Tips from Ironman Luis Alvares

Time Management pushed to the extreme.

So, you would think that training for an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) would be a full time profession, particularly if you were recognised as one of the world greats, having competed in every Ironman in the world. So what if you also had responsibility for running the worlds largest fuel tank manufacturer, SAG Mecasa? Luis Alvarez is a busy man. He recently shared his tips on Time Management with Kevin Mackinnon.

Time Management, Work, Sport and Lifestyle.

Alvarez, from Mexico, manages to include a highly strict training regime within a tightly organised working day. For example, rising at 4am, he ‘multi-tasks’ that is, responds to international emails whilst on his treadmill by means of hooking a computer to a large screen. As well as a strict time management regiem, he relies on great teams, both in work and in his sport. He states “I have to be grateful for a great assistant and great team in Mexico” adding “Nobody can be irreplaceable, not even the owner or the CEO”. He manages to fit in 13 Ironmans per year during his 30 days off all around the world, laughing when he recalls a trip to Australia for a weekend.

From the Triathlon point of view, as a member of the Timex Multisport Team he says that the experience has changed his life, keeping him motivated an constantly pushing him to never plateau. This has resulted in almost 100 Ironman finishes and a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Incredible to think that as an 11 year old, he started smoking and weighed over 200lbs, he was unable to walk 2km. He began to set goals. First to walk 5km, then 10Km. What were extreme goals then now pale into insignificance, but the lessons learnt and the methods devised have stayed with him and allowed him to achieve what most of us would call amazing.

A lot of lessons can be learned from this extremely successful sports and business person. Time Management, Team Building, Planning Efficiently are the obvious ones. To read the complete article, please visit the site by clicking this link.

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Published Date: 31st May 2013
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