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Simple techniques to get back in Control of your day.

We all complain about the never ending deluge of emails, but we all continue to live in the INBOX. In order for you to get back some control of your day and stop “Reacting” to every email that arrives in your inbox, you need to start using your calendar screen in your groupware system ( Outlook, Lotus Notes, Groupwise) as your default screen.

This screen allows you to see your time available, if set up correctly you can also see the tasks you planned to do and your capacity to deliver work or not.

Always start your system up in your calendar screen.

These may seem like very simple methods, but our clients are often surprised at just how effective this simple technique is in helping to cut out interruptions throughout the day. A solid and robust attitude to your inbox, if practiced diligently can help gain back control of your day.

For more information regarding Time Management Training courses , how to get back in control of your day and save over 1 hour per day, in Dublin and Ireland, or our internationally successful training programmes “Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook” , Working Smart with Lotus Notes , Working Smart with IPAD or Working Smart with Blackberry , contact us for further details and dated of the next course. These courses are specifically designed to help you get the most from your technology and have been refined and improved over the years through our own experience as well as feedback from the thousands of busy managers and executives who have attended our training throughout the world.

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Published Date: 23rd July 2013
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Productivity Software Training

With the proliferation of productivity software tools and apps available now, how do you know if you are actually being more productive or is it a case that you need productivity software training?

There has been an explosion in software and apps to help busy managers be more productive. With the increase in popularity of smart phones and other hand held devices we have 24 hour connectivity to emails as well as 24 hour access to these tools also.

However a recent article on the Wall Street Journal asked the question of many managers and coaches as to whether it is all helping.

In a detailed piece there were of course many examples of successes and many of failures, however the underlying message was this. Without first figuring out what your weaknesses are, where you routinely fall down you cannot actually go about solving the problem. Just introducing new gadgets and tools into your work schedule can actually have a negative effect rather than the positive time saving effect which is required.

The process of learning a new tool or method can also take a lot of time as well as introducing elements of frustration. Assuming that a new software tool or methodology will automatically safe time and encourage more efficiency is wrong. The new methods must be learned, adhered to and refined and improved upon so that poor habits are not resorted to and that the benefits are long lasting.

Getting support in first of all identifying your time management weaknesses greatly helps. Investing in a training resource and program greatly increases the likelihood of achieving success. Having a long term support system enhances the benefit in the longer term driving improvements now and long into the future.

Priority Management Ireland, provide a full range of productivity training on a range of software tools. Our proven methods are recognised internationally as being among the most effective in providing long term improvement.

Read more about our Working Smart Programs HERE.

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Published Date: 1st July 2013
Category: Meeting Management Training, Outlook Training, Time Management Training
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