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Amazing Time Management Tips from Ironman Luis Alvares

Time Management pushed to the extreme.

So, you would think that training for an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) would be a full time profession, particularly if you were recognised as one of the world greats, having competed in every Ironman in the world. So what if you also had responsibility for running the worlds largest fuel tank manufacturer, SAG Mecasa? Luis Alvarez is a busy man. He recently shared his tips on Time Management with Kevin Mackinnon.

Time Management, Work, Sport and Lifestyle.

Alvarez, from Mexico, manages to include a highly strict training regime within a tightly organised working day. For example, rising at 4am, he ‘multi-tasks’ that is, responds to international emails whilst on his treadmill by means of hooking a computer to a large screen. As well as a strict time management regiem, he relies on great teams, both in work and in his sport. He states “I have to be grateful for a great assistant and great team in Mexico” adding “Nobody can be irreplaceable, not even the owner or the CEO”. He manages to fit in 13 Ironmans per year during his 30 days off all around the world, laughing when he recalls a trip to Australia for a weekend.

From the Triathlon point of view, as a member of the Timex Multisport Team he says that the experience has changed his life, keeping him motivated an constantly pushing him to never plateau. This has resulted in almost 100 Ironman finishes and a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Incredible to think that as an 11 year old, he started smoking and weighed over 200lbs, he was unable to walk 2km. He began to set goals. First to walk 5km, then 10Km. What were extreme goals then now pale into insignificance, but the lessons learnt and the methods devised have stayed with him and allowed him to achieve what most of us would call amazing.

A lot of lessons can be learned from this extremely successful sports and business person. Time Management, Team Building, Planning Efficiently are the obvious ones. To read the complete article, please visit the site by clicking this link.

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Published Date: 31st May 2013
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Efficient Time Management when Blogging

Efficient Time Management when Blogging

Bloging is a tremendous method of getting messages out to both existing and potential customers. However to have to manually update a valuable resource such as LinkedIn can take extra time which could be spent more productively. Today’s post is to test a plugin to WordPress which automates this process.and in isolation can be disheartening.

WordPress and Linkedin

The plugin is simple to use. It requires only 2 keys which can be generated at the linked in profile which you wish to connect to. This can be a bit tricky, hence the test blog.

The Plugin is made by NextScripts and is called ‘SNAP – Social Networks Auto Poster’. Not only does it link to LinkedIn, but most other social networks as well.

I’ve gone through the process and now shall see if it works.

Will report back with an update shortly.


That turned out to be quite straightforward. There are many options to customise the output on LinkedIn so as to provide readers with a better understanding of what the content of the blog post is about which will need some further investigation, but for now I can report that there is an immediate time and hassle saving tool which words well.

One note of caution though is that if edits are made to the post, you must ‘Repost to LinkedIn’ the updates using the appropriate button.


A simple tool which provides more efficient time management when blogging.


Published Date: 22nd May 2013
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Effective Time Management – Multitasking?

Is multitasking good from a time management point of view?

A de facto requirement of management today is the ability to multitask. However, is this a productive means of operating? A 2009 Stanford study revealed that the effects of chronic multitasking is highly detrimental to the ability to multitask and consequently had a negative effect on a persons effectiveness and overall time management.

The study involved 262 college students who were asked to perform experiments which required switching among tasks, filtering irrelevant information and using working memory. It was expected that those who were used to multitasking would outperform those new to the technique.

The results were astonishing. Not only were the confessed multitaskers worse a all the (3) experiments, particularly considering that only one of these experiments truly involved multitasking which gave strong indicators that frequent multitaskers actually use their brain less efficiently.

Detrimental to Time Management

In a 2010 French study, neuroscientists at Inserm showed that when more than one task is performed by an individual, that the tasks are split between the two halves of the brain, thus suggesting that the most number of tasks which should be performed at any one time is two.

A suggestion from the authors of the Stanford study is that multitasking be avoided and replaced with dedicated time slots for each task. Allocation of 20 minutes for example to complete a task before moving onto the next proves to be much more effective and productive.

The time allocation must also be appropriate to the task. Many studies have shown that for complex problem solving, there is an initial period of familiarisation with the many variables and their effects is required before quality solutions to those problems maybe developed. Interruptions, such as e-mail notifications or phone calls disrupt this focus and concentration resulting in a lack of focus and consequential poor performance in decision making.

Priority Management provide a range of time management training courses which address major as well as minor issues which are a major cause of both time loss and ineffectual operation.

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